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October 19-22,2023 - JOIN US!

ritual + renewal 

📍| similkameen valley, BC |

October 19 - 22, 2023

Immerse yourself in nature’s power accentuated by the meadows of mountain flowers, lush orchards, and rows of vineyards. 

The heart of this yoga holiday is the raw beauty of the sacred Similkameen River. 

Our lives transform when we consistently remember who we are and why we are here. Experience connection, ease and a sense of inner peace when you make the journey from your head to your heart with this 4 Day Yoga Holiday. Daily yoga classes and workshops with Beth Davis will help you:

  • Attract more of what you want in your life, consciously.
  • Effect real change in your life by changing your perceptions.
  • Explore the Spiritual Principles that help anxiety and negativity fall away from your life.

Keyla Ohs, a shamanic practitioner in the Zulu tradition will highlight our holiday with sacred ceremony, an art all but lost in only a few remaining cultures. Keyla's healing work is powerful, welcoming and transformative, allowing you to release old patterns that no longer serve you.

No experience is necessary to take part in any of the yoga classes or workshops.

 Highlights of Ritual + Renewal

Three-nights luxury accommodation at Similkameen Wild Resort and Winery Retreat  
Daily yoga class: accessible to all levels
Workshops: explore your spine as an empowering tool for healing
Daily Breakfast Bar with all the treats + snacks
Three gourmet dinners served with a glass of local wine (non-alcoholic available)
Daily guided meditation, with added support for new practitioners
Evening Ceremony and Ritual with shamanic practitioner in the Zulu tradition
Lots of free time to explore

Shamanism is a way of walking upon the planet, and a way of seeing things that our society has taught us to veil. It is living a life divinely connected to Spirit, to our Earth, and in deep gratitude for the blessings our planet and community bring to us through our joint experiences. Keyla will highlight our holiday with sacred ceremony, an art all but lost in only a few remaining cultures.

Starting at $1200 shared accommodation, $500 deposit


October 19-22,2023 - JOIN US!


I carefully select sacred spaces to explore yoga practice with you in an immersive experience. Yoga Classes will be Hatha, based in the Ghosh lineage for all levels. Practice will include Breathwork, Postures, Salutations and Meditation. Yoga Workshops invite you to explore an element of Yoga in more depth with time and space to learn and ask questions. Experience daily Guided Meditation with added support for new practitioners. Evenings will be rich with Ceremony, Conscious Conversation and Transformational Exercises for Spiritual Awakening. All yoga materials will be provided. All events are optional.


It is my pleasure to provide the most thoughtful, colourful, tasty, healthy and nutritious food possible. The menus are balanced to reflect the ebb and flow of the practices and I source abundant, fresh, local produce and flavours. All delicious. All wholesome. All prepared with love.

Celebrate each day culminating in a gourmet dining experience overlooking expansive vineyards, fruit orchards and  views that are as beautiful as the plate in front of you. A Breakfast Bar with all the treats and light snacks will be available throughout the day. Coffee, tea and water are complimentary. Local wineries will be featured with dinner, non alcoholic options available.  

Allergies and special diets can be accommodated.


These holidays present a unique opportunity to connect, breathe, soften and unwind. 

Besides day trips, holistic treatments, tastings, and other cultural activities during our days, each retreat features classes on most days as well: one of yoga and depending on the itinerary category you choose, one of something else (meditation, creation, hiking, food, wine tasting, breathwork and spine workshops, transformational practices etc) 

No experience is necessary to take part in any of the yoga classes or workshops. Modifications are available. Everyone is welcome. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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