Learn about me and allow me to learn a little about you

I am completely absorbed in the extraordinary complexity of pretty much everything that goes into teaching Yoga, and Embodiment. I offer you practices, that increase your awareness to help you live more consciously and consistently in your body. 

Each student or group of students I've taught has been magnificently diverse. There is visible, audible, spirited diversity in each student that keeps me present and devoted to this practice. I believe that to be in alignment is any position that is not causing us or others harm.

My teachings are a culmination of my life of reading, study, research, practice, and inner search. Each of my teachers have stimulated new thought patterns that irreversibly helped me change my perceptions of myself and humanity. I know that our physical realm is a small part of an even greater reality. I believe we have infinitely more control over our realities than is immediately apparent.


Now that you know something about me, I would love to learn something about you. Fill out this form, tell me where you're from and what you'd like to learn more about.