Unlock Energy: Exclusive Breathe Back Life Movement Pattern Revealed!

Jan 17, 2024

I'm so grateful you stopped by; I'm sharing something truly special with you today! I'm not just a yoga teacher, spiritual mentor, or energy healer—I'm a fellow seeker of transformation and expansion, assisting you in a deep reconnection to self. I specialize in showing you how to use your body as a tool for energetic healing. Welcome to Living Yoga, where we dive into the potential for self-healing on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. I'm ready to share with you the heart-opening Movement Pattern that I share with all of my 1:1 students. Let's step into the Breathe Back Life Movement Pattern.

The Power of Transformation

Although change is something we cannot escape, with a deep focused practice, we can begin to guide the metamorphosis in a direction that feels good and touches every aspect of our being. Let me tell you, I've witnessed incredible transformations, not just in my students but within myself too. Take Nicole Haylow, for example. She joined Living Yoga just a couple of months ago, “It continues to amaze me how this simple practice has continued to have such a huge influence. It has been a practice of surrender for me, each day I approach as if it is new, and I am curious how my body will feel and how it will respond. It helps actually being new to a daily yoga practice too! haha! It just feels like my mind is entering into a state of mental yoga, it is relaxing and opening. I have experienced deep benefits.” Check out the Living Yoga Online Community Free For 7 Days!

The Yoga Challenge Launch: February 1st

Guess what? We're launching a new Yoga Challenge on February 1st! Why February? Well, it's not just about flowers and chocolates; it's about opening our hearts and starting to move forward from the hibernation that we settle into over the Winter season. February is a time to find ways to leave behind what no longer serves us so we are prepared for the rebirth that Spring will offer to us all. We can amplify this effect when we join in a community. Although you are welcome to join this challenge for free from home, I encourage you to consider amplifying your benefits and joining us online for inspiration, support, and guidance along your path.

The Heart-Opening Experience

Let's talk heart-opening, my favorite part of the upcoming transformational online yoga challenge. The heart, after all, is not just a muscle; it's a vessel for love, strength, and transformation. As we progress through the Breathe Back Life Movement Pattern, it becomes a catalyst for emotional release. This practice liberates the thoracic spine, unfreezing a region often characterized by limited movement. The liberation of this area, which includes the rib cage, which acts as a literal cage around the heart, allows for emotional release, providing space for the heart to expand and facilitating a sense of emotional well-being.

Join the Yoga Challenge for a Heart-Opening Journey

Ready to experience the magic? Watch the video attached to this article for a sneak peek into the exclusive Breathe Back Life Movement Pattern. Scroll to the bottom of this article for full directions and get ready to feel the energy flow through your entire being!

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Improved Flexibility:

Let's delve into the benefits of the Breathe Back Life Movement Pattern. First and foremost, it significantly enhances flexibility. The spine, serving as the central energy channel, dictates the suppleness of the entire body. By consciously opening and releasing the spine through this movement pattern, other parts of the body gain increased fluidity, fostering a sense of freedom in movement.

Stress Reduction:

Moreover, this exclusive practice offers remarkable stress reduction benefits. Embracing vulnerability through backbending fosters emotional and mental resilience, aiding in the release of tension, particularly in the burdened shoulders. The rhythmic nature of the movement, paired with intentional breathwork, creates a therapeutic space for stress relief and relaxation.

Enhanced Circulation:

The marriage of movement and breath in this pattern promotes heightened blood flow, nourishing joints and surrounding tissues. This enhanced circulation contributes to overall improved health and vitality, supporting the body's natural functions.

Improved Posture:

A significant benefit of the Breathe Back Life Movement Pattern is the positive impact on posture. Acknowledging the pivotal role of spine health in posture maintenance, consistent practice corrects imbalances and alleviates postural issues stemming from an immobile spine. This leads to improved alignment and a more upright, confident posture.

Pain Relief:

Individuals grappling with chronic back pain can find respite through the Breathe Back Life Movement Pattern. This practice counters the effects of prolonged forward positions and spinal rounding, providing relief from discomfort and contributing to long-term pain management.

Joint Health:

The backbending nature of this movement pattern facilitates compression and subsequent release of spinal joints, infusing them with oxygenated blood for optimal joint health. This holistic approach contributes to overall joint well-being and flexibility.

Balanced Energy Flow:

Rooted in yoga philosophy, the Breathe Back Life Movement Pattern is associated with chakra balance. This practice fosters emotional stability by harmonizing energy flow throughout the spine, creating a sense of balance and well-being.

Patience and Mindfulness:

Engaging in the Breathe Back Life Movement Pattern necessitates presence and self-awareness. This practice offers an opportunity to navigate challenges with patience, move at one's pace, and witness the authentic human condition without judgment. It becomes a mindful journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Greater Mind-Body Connection:

Through the consistent practice of the Breathe Back Life Movement Pattern, individuals cultivate a profound connection between mind and body. This heightened awareness allows for a more attuned response to physical sensations and emotional states, fostering a deeper mind-body connection.

As we progress through this challenge, I encourage you to observe not only the physical changes but also the mental and emotional shifts that occur.

**Your participation and dedication are invaluable to our community, and I am grateful to join you in the Breathe Back Life February yoga challenge. 

Join Now and embark on this transformative journey.


🌟 How to Begin: ⤵ 


Watch technique video HERE

Watch posture clinic - Live Scheduled in the Living Yoga Online Community February 1st 2024 at 7pm pacific - HERE



  1. Determine how far to start away from the wall. I would suggest that as a beginner you start with a 6 inch distance and increase the distance as you increase in confidence for showing up for yourself.
  2. Assume a wide stance with your feet. Keep the body weight in your heels and the quadriceps contracted. Do not bend your knees.



  1. (INHALE) Circle stretch arms up over head (Kali Grip)
  2. (EXHALE) Chin back and relax head, heavy
  3. (INHALE) Stretch up (work against gravity to reach your arms up and stretch your sternum to the ceiling)
  4. (EXHALE) Arms back (touch the wall with your index finger)
  5. (INHALE) Come back up (exit the same way you went in, head comes up last)
  6. (EXHALE) Arms relax down side



To start with, 10 repetitions daily. The movement and breath should be like a wave, a constant inhale and exhale paired with each moment without a break in between. You have 60 days to complete 30 days, aim for 30 consecutive days to completion.


Select Your Intensity Level:

BEGINNER: 10 Repetitions daily

INTERMEDIATE: 10 Repetitions daily for 15 days, 20 Repetitions daily for days 15-30

ADVANCED: 10 Repetitions daily for 10 days, 20 Repetitions daily for days 10-20, 30 Repetitions daily for days 20-30


Prioritize developing a daily practice, showing up for yourself with love and consistency - Find a space, roll out your mat, consider having a mirror in front of you, and try to show up for yourself every day! All Challenge exercises can be used as a warm-up for your body, mind, and soul so there's no need to do anything before you begin your practice.


Celebrate your accomplishment and reflect on your journey! Showing up consistently is no easy task!

DAILY - ON EACH CHALLENGE VIDEO IN THE LIVING YOGA ONLINE COMMUNITY - share your thoughts, post a photo, a selfie, or a video with our community, inspire others! Click "Complete" each day. If you post a video, Beth will be able to comment on alignment and how the physical expression is related to the energy with which you move through your life.


At Living Yoga, we understand the transformative power of consistent practice, and through our Monthly themed challenges, we aim to provide a platform for growth at every level. Feel prepared to show up, do your best and breathe while learning about YOU.

Resources and Further Learning

If you're interested in deepening your self-discovery journey, I infuse love into every experiential program I provide.

Additionally, you have the option to participate in yoga holidays, 1:1 sessions, and my HYTT training.

Remember, the journey to self-awareness and self-healing is a highly personal one. Take all the time you need, attune yourself to your body's cues, and master the art of accomplishing challenging tasks with grace. Here's to a joyful journey of self-discovery!