A four-phase program to immerse in your yogic lifestyle

Commit one year to deepen YOUR practice
Commit for two years and certify as a teacher



It’s a program for those who wish to move into the depths of healing the energetic loop of giving and receiving

(ideal for both yoga students and teachers)

The Hatha Yoga Transformational Training is a 4-phase process, each consisting of a 3-week immersive program (150 hours each) followed by a minimum 6-month integration practicum.


Establish your Personal Transformational Practice - Gain an in-depth understanding of 40 Yoga Postures, 3 Breathing Methods, 3 Salutations for Good Health, Meditation Techniques, and Spine Movement.

Learn to Align Fully with What's Happening in the Present Moment - Experience liberation when you cultivate a deeper understanding of freedom, forgiveness, trust, judgment, unconditional love, and energetic contributions through your physical body.

Increase your Foundational Knowledge - Grasp the essentials of yoga anatomy/physiology, philosophy, history, and psychology.

Feel Empowered with Professional Development - Take action to participate successfully in the collective shift in human consciousness to a more balanced awareness, considering both lifestyle and ethics.

Prescription Methodology - Discuss how to be of service and recognize the deeper essence of another human being. Discern how to write a yoga prescription for self and others.


"To anyone considering taking the HYTT program with Beth Davis, I highly recommend it.

I initially enrolled to gain more knowledge in yoga so I could go out into the community and teach with more confidence.

During the 3 week intensive studies, I was pushed out of my comfort zone in so many ways physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I survived and was so proud to have completed the program. I felt prepared to go out and teach yoga.

Since completing the 3 week intensive training, my whole life turned into a crisis zone due to Covid 19. I truly believe that this training helped prepare me for the worldwide pandemic. I feel it not only increased my knowledge, but better yet - my acceptance of myself, confidence in myself and belief in myself . HYTT opened up possibilities that just 6 months ago, I couldn't even imagine."


"When I started the Program, I was doubtful that I would ever teach a yoga class.

I was interested in getting deeper into my own personal practice and developing my connection with my breath to keep my body healthy long-term. Little did I know the amazing journey I was embarking on. It was INSPIRING and life-changing. 

This training taught me about anatomy, alignment, dialogue, philosophy, and the teaching aspects of yoga. HYTT revealed to me how to live yoga as a lifestyle.

Beth and her kind heart provided me and all the students with a safe space to find our path and our voice. She also brought the knowledge of other amazing yoga teachers to us. I couldn't be happier with the great deal of information and awareness I acquired from Beth.

The 3 weeks of training plus the whole next year of tutoring and support gave me a different perspective about my whole life. Beth is still supporting me to this day. I have found a safe place and I know that my growth will stay with me forever."  



You go as far as you decide is right for you.

"Each phase you complete you will open a new window to a new understanding of yourself. The phases help you build an all-new mind and body in alignment with your spiritual truth." You go at your pace and to support you in your planning, this is the HYTT calendar.

Phase 1

  • Technique and Practice of:
    • Moon Salutation
    • Standing Hatha Postures
  • Yoga Philosophy Foundations
    • Required Reading: Yamas & Niyamas, A Return to Love, Raja Yoga  
  • Physical Anatomy Foundations
    • Required Reading: Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff
  • Energetic Anatomy Foundations
  • History - Ghosh Yoga
  •  Shatkarma/Cleansing Technique - Trataka
  • Life Force Control Foundations, including:
    • Standing Deep Breathing
    • Nourishing Considerations
    • Law of Attraction

Requirements for Phase 2:
Minimum 6-month integration practicum

Phase 2

  • Technique and Practice of:
    • Sun Salutation
    • Floor Hatha Postures
    • The 5 Tibetans 
  • Yoga Philosophy Level 2
    • Required Reading: Autobiography of a Yogi, Pradipika & Yoga Sutras 
  • Mental Anatomy Foundations
    • Agreements made in Fear & New Contracts
  • History - Hatha Yoga
  • Concentration/Meditation Exercises 
  • Shatkarma/Cleansing Technique - Kapalabhati 
  • Sound Healing - the voice as a tool for healing
  • Life Force Control - Depletion, Maintenance, and Cultivation 

Requirements for Phase 3:
Minimum 6-month integration practicum

Phase 3

  • Technique and Practice for Spine Movement & Gods and Goddesses Salutation
  • Yoga Philosophy Level 3
    • Required Reading: Yoga Bija
  • Physical Anatomy - Spine
  • Energetic Sovereignty Level 3
  • History - Vivekananda & Raja Yoga
  • Concentration/Meditation Exercises Level 3
  • Shatkarma/Cleansing Technique - Neti
  • Natural Law
    • Required Reading - The Kybalion
  • Life Force Control - Holotropic Breath, Wim Hof Breath

Requirements for Phase 4:
Minimum 6-month integration practicum

Phase 4

  • Technique and Practice of Advanced Hatha Yoga Postures 
  • Yoga Therapy - Effectively write yoga prescriptions for both self-practice and guiding others
  • Yoga Philosophy Level 4
    • Required Reading: Gita, Gheranda Samhita
  • Energetic Sovereignty Level 4
  • Concentration/Meditation Exercises Level 4
  • Shatkarma/Cleansing Technique - Nauli
  • Life Force Control - Advanced Spine Movement &
  • Unconditional Love

Required for 1st Initiate Certification:
Self-control (Mastery of the Physical Body)

 If you have more questions, you can contact me at [email protected] or apply below



You will also receive access to exclusive study materials for leaders:


  • Learn how to sustain higher frequencies in your system with 40 powerful postures
  • Release trauma and become aware of who you are with 3 salutations.
  • Master cultivation of high-quality energy with physical, mental, and emotional resistance training


  • Clear your energy with Kapalabhati.
  • Vitalize and hyper-oxygenate your body with Standing Deep Breathing.
  • Get to an altered state and deeper understanding of yourself with Holotropic & Wim Hof  Breath.
  • Awaken your spine and release your immanent power that gives every human being their specific potency to heal, strengthen, balance, and transform


  • Learn tools to cultivate a deeper sense of awareness with a focus on a mantra, visualization, chanting and a memorization component of traditional teaching)
  • Gain profound insight into the nuanced distinction between concentration exercises and the enlightened state of being that is meditation.


  • Elevate your yogic journey by enriching your foundational knowledge through an introductory course in yogic philosophy.
  • Propel yourself forward through Levels 2, 3, and 4 with Giselle Meagher. (three-time state USA Yoga champion and lecturer on Sanskrit, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Yoga Philosophy.


  • Embark on a transformative journey of deepening your understanding of physical yoga anatomy, guided by renowned Best Selling Author, Leslie Kaminoff.
  • Unlock the profound realm of energetic anatomy and reclaim your personal sovereignty in an empowering program with the esteemed Shawna Robinson.


  • Gain valuable insights into the history of yoga as you explore the influential roles of Bishnu Ghosh and Vivekananda and their contributions to the evolution of yoga.
  • Embark on a comprehensive exploration of Hatha and Raja Yoga with Ida Jo and Scott Lamps, renowned practitioners and founders of Ghosh Yoga.


  • Delve into the realm of yoga as therapy, expand your study and practice in Phase 4 to unlock the transformative potential of yoga in healing and wellness.
  • Cultivate the skills to create a nurturing space for personalized and prescriptive 1:1 yoga sessions for self and others.

This is a full-time study training that will
compel you to be present on your own journey.

Please understand that each phase starts with a 3-week immersive practice into your yogic lifestyle. This will be much more demanding than a full time job and will require patience, determination and discipline.

Focus on and care for yourself as you move through massive amounts of growth and transformation

Pre-plan help to assist you in areas and commitments that you won’t be able to tend to while you train

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Beth Davis as a teacher and, now, also as a mentor. Beth is extremely knowledgeable and holds no truth back from the student. She challenges me and provides feedback that has truly elevated my skills as a yoga teacher. She has held and continues to hold space for me to connect to myself and in turn, connect to my students and improve my teaching. I encourage any new or experienced teacher who is looking for a mentor to reach out to Beth. I am beyond grateful for this mentorship program that has taught me so much about life."


"I attended Beth Davis' HYTT Program in 2020. I knew Beth and had taken multiple classes with her prior to attending this training but I had absolutely no idea the wealth and breadth of the knowledge that she maintains as an energy worker and healer. Beth and a small group of professionals in the industry compiled in-depth material and then all came together to make sure that we had the most enriching 3-week intensive teacher training available for this lineage.

1 year later; as I wrap up my practicum, I can honestly say that the knowledge that Beth has imparted to me and my fellow trainees is absolutely second to none and has prepared us for an amazing career of healing others."



$3,500 + applicable taxes per phase


The investment does NOT include any food, beverage, housing, travel, books, or printed materials required. 
** All time or financial concerns or questions will be considered. Please include your concerns or questions when sending your application.
*** All applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis.
**** If you are selected you will be notified immediately and be given all study materials, information and reading lists so you may begin to prepare.



I will provide you with a safe container to deepen your practice in a pain-free way with zero judgment and give you my expert opinion and suggestions on what you need to work on to deepen your yoga practice and, if you choose to, become a Certified Teacher.

I’m Beth


I believe we have infinitely more control over our realities than is immediately apparent. Together, we will explore this idea.

I found my path and began my yoga journey in 2007. Today I live and breathe my Dharma. I’m ready to assist you in stepping into your power and sharing your sacred knowledge.

The key teaching in the HYTT Program is mastery over the physical body. We’ll begin with the subtle vibratory level and work towards understanding the greater, grosser world that surrounds us.

Are you ready?


Still wondering if this is the container for you?

Here are some questions you might have (and want to answer):

If you are ready to start deepening your yoga practice


"Beth has gathered amazing staff, incredible mentors, and knowledgeable guests that are all dedicated to creating an unraveling experience that is both once in a lifetime and for a lifetime. Beth held space for us to grow into our potential as we learned to challenge our physical and mental capabilities... And when the intensive is over, the journey simply continues."


"Beth Davis has been my primary yoga teacher. Beth's patience, understanding, knowedge, experinece and love of yoga has enabled me to gain confidence and improve my practice beyond what I could have ever imagined. Practicing with Beth has transformed my body and life. I would highly recommend Beth to anyone who wishes to improve their yoga practice."